Gallery 4: Wildlife
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             Black Wolf                                   Eagles                           Balanced Heron


 Bald Eagle                               Bedded Down                       Denali Moose


         Heron Pair                               Humpback Flukes                                        Loon          

 Mr.  Moose                         Mr. Quail                                 Nap Time


           Puffin Rock                                   Buff                                      Feathers  


 Timber Wolf                       White Tail                                       Blue Macaw


 Scarlet Macaw                         Fishin' at Sunset                                     Gator


                       Orcas                            Mother & Baby                                 Puffin

 Ram Tough                         Ready For the Rut                            Snowy Grz


         Chow Time                       Panda                                  Brown pelican

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